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Blackfisch Corporation – NGO

Can art be an agent for social change?
We think so.

Our mission is to provide an artistic and holistic approach to education and cultural reform with respectful and responsible use of visual storytelling acknowledging and celebrating history, wisdom and the beauty of indigenous culture.

As producers and filmmakers our platform is as engaging as it is educative to;

– Empower the indigenous communities we work with

– Celebrate and extend the culture of our many nations

– Raise issues and bring awareness to wider audiences

Blackfisch is registered with ORIC and is a Certified Member of Supply Nation, an Assured Member of NSWICC and has worked on public projects since 2003 at local, state and federal levels.

We think real and meaningful recognition, change and education needs to come from the inside out and this belief underpins every Blackfisch production.

No filming takes place before full consultation with Elders and community. Ahead of any production, even before a location recce, our cultural custodian meets with the community. We discuss the best way to go about the shoot and how the local community can be part of the experience. Establishing this understanding is more than seeking permission to film – although of course it’s that too – it’s showing respect for all nations and letting the community know that ownership of story and perspective belongs to them.


Furthering our commitment to social inclusion and equity Blackfisch advocates opportunity and support for disadvantaged and young indigenous people through our mentoring program and employment opportunities. We feel the sharing of industry knowledge, skills and work experience is a good place to start.

For more information on any upcoming positions or work experience positions please contact;